Program Manager's Corner

Hello Valued Member of FAA’s Industrial Base,

Thank you for visiting our Small Business Office website. We are excited that you are interested in working with the FAA to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. As you explore the website, the most important thing to remember is that safety is at the core of the FAA mission and central to all that we do, and never comes at the expense of other initiatives or activities.

When doing business with the FAA it is important to ensure that you are registered and that your company’s information is accurate and up to date in the following systems (as appropriate): System for Award Management, Small Business Administration Dynamic Small Business Search, and Veteran Administration Vendor Information Pages. The Agency utilizes these systems to verify vendor representations and certifications throughout the procurement process.

Below are highlighted a few useful sites, that will assist as you get started in working with the FAA faster.

  1. FAA Home: Where you can find all the news and information you need to know what is happening at the Agency.
  2. FAA Contracting Opportunities: Here you will be able to subscribe to receive notifications for all or some (depending on your preferences and/or needs) FAA announcements related to:
    • Special Notices (i.e. Industry Outreach Events)
    • Market Surveys
    • Public Announcements – Pre-Screening Information Request (SIR)
    • Request for Information SIRs
    • Request for Offer SIRs
    • Request for Qualification SIRs
    • Award 
  3. FAA Procurement Forecast: Which provides a listing of potential upcoming requirements, as well as, the associated FAA points of contact.
  4.  FAA Acquisition Toolset: Which is where the Agency has made available all of its procurement policies, guidance, and procedures; collectively known as the Acquisition Management System (AMS). This is the FAA’s version of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) as we have acquisition independence and are exempt from most federal procurement law including the FAR and Small Business Act.

    We know to be successful in updating our nation’s infrastructure, of which the National Airspace System (NAS) is an essential piece, we must harness the innovation of the private sector, especially its small businesses. Together, we can ensure America’s quality of life and economic prosperity remain unrivaled by continuing to modernize while still providing the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

    Richard A. Cutts
    Division Manager 
    Small Business & Strategic Acquisitions (AAP-600)